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Que vous Soyez un Voyageur, une jeune Elue en quête d'aventures ou un simple curieux, Soyez le bienvenu dans notre Antre ... .

Fiers bretteurs, forts en gouaille, fervents disciples de Mariel Taun ou encore pyromanciens dont la passion pour les flammes devient inquiétante, nous aimons affûter nos lames, dépoussiérer nos plus puissants grimoires et partir ensemble, relever les plus grands défis de ces terres ...

Si Partage, Plaisir et Courage sont autant de mots que vous portez en étendard... Si l'envie vous prend de vous investir pour le salut de Telara et le respect de nos valeurs... Alors cessez d'hésiter et entrez .... Votre place est certainement parmi les nôtres ...

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MessageSujet: Plan de l'eau: Messages des Vigies (VO)   Plan de l'eau: Messages des Vigies (VO) Icon_minitimeMer 3 Déc - 13:51

[Et voici les petites citations des différentes Vigies du plan de l'eau dans leur version originales et compilé par un joueur sur le forum anglais]


Farseer Hyceas: "The stirrings of the dreamer draw the essence from this plane. But the Atragarians can't survive without their water."

Farseer Endayo: "The effects of the dreaming have been strong in Skelfmere, luring the Akvan into this world to subjugate its denizens."

Farseer Ashil: "The effects of Draum's wakening reach beyond this plane and draw the attention of entities that couldn't exist here just a short time ago."

Farseer Iona: "The Pelagic Order is tenacious, but only the remaining water is keeping the Bloodfire Army at bay. Once that vanishes, the army will consume this plane in fire."

Farseer Kilane: "The Bloodfire Army is built for combat, but without support, even the best army will falter in time. The Bloodfire enslave their enemies to support their war machine."

Farseer Lyduna: "While the Ascended are new to these planes, the influence of mortals has long been felt here. The dreams of heroes influence this realm as surely as the Risar, giving birth to the Pelagic Order."

Farseer Aeny: "The migration of the Eth to drier lands left a great wealth of their knowledge behind. The Bloodfire Army has been scavenging what it can find."

Farseer Lurair: "The Well will provide a refuge for the Atragarians for a time, but as Draum wakes, even the water in the Well will be reclaimed."

Farseer Hisina: "These Eth are quite adaptable. They've survived for ages, despite being cut off from their own plane of existence and, until recently, completely underwater."

Farseer Rylayd: "Countless wars have been wages between the planes, but no one has ever before seen a power like that of the Oculons. It does not bode well for the stability of the Cosmos."

Farseer Aviale: "The Bloodfire Army has been salvaging materials from their own ships to build a fortress within Gyel, the great coral tree."

Farseer Tirin: "Once more, the Eth seek to drive back the elemental might of the planes with their technology."

Farseer Lysidi: "This plane exists within the dreams of Draum, the Moon. As he stirs in his sleep, he draws the power back to himself, draining the seas and creating the Spout."

Farseer Tyfale: "Does the power to shape reality with dreams belong in the hands of mortals?"

Farseer Yradi: "The Akvan strike deep into the home of the Atragarians, corrupting the cycle of life to fill their ranks."

Farseer Irothi: "Dobori Village couldn't withstand the assault of the enslaved skelf. The other outposts in Goboro Reef risk the same fate if their waters are reclaimed."

Farseer Drann: "Long have we watched the tides of the Atrgarians. Countless births, deaths, wars; the rise and fall of kingdoms. Never has the plane been so out of balance."

Farseer Nalani: "The arrival of the Akvan Shikolec has brought great change to these once-peaceful pools."

Farseer Solazi: "You've seen the impact that a temporary intrusion from Fire has upon your plane, Ascended. But now, it appears the Bloodfire have found a way to permanently terraform another plane."

Farseer Ravann: "The Bloodfire have corrupted the great coral Gyel to build this fortress, creating a hardened staging ground from which to conquer and terraform this plane."


Farseer Hudraer: "I have seen things here I cannot unsee."

Farseer Slevius: "Tolling all day attunes the mind to thoughts of labor, and many return to Choreburg to relive the joys of work once again."

Farseer Provyrus: "This street has claimed more loved ones and caused more misery than most wars."

Farseer Hirador: "Here in Rosh the refugees of the Ghar colony lived lives of comparative luxury. Yet it has not dulled their resilience or determination to survive."

Farseer Uraka: "The onir have kept invasive species here in this preserve, where the uncanny nature of the Dreaming Seas gives way to a crushing nostalgia for the mundane colors of one's home."

Farseer Koronee: "No matter how novel the initial adventure, or how zealous you are to the cause, every adventure eventually becomes a mundane job if you stay at it long enough."

Farseer Leneth: "The dream library of Nadir is full of lies, falsehoods and misdirection, or as it is known in your vernacular, stories."

Farseer Jeruth: "Does this station perform some required purpose? Or has this imposing architecture become a vestigial organ in the municipal beast?"

Farseer Santus: "Even in the dreaming there are the haves and have nots. In happier times it is a vision of a better life, now a nightmare of how ones happiness falls short in comparison."

Farseer Tratain: "To travel far from home is to learn that the gods go by many names. To see their true face requires an open mind and calloused feet."

Farseer Soreth: "Mortal nightmares resonate and repeat throughout the dreaming seas. It is the trade routes of the collective unconscious."

Farseer Ali: "Around Draumheim the land takes on logic of its own. Gangster crustaceans hobnob with chatty cleaning supplies using a stolen shark's mussel money."

Farseer Erfolg: "The Onir's most revered deity is a god of work and industry. It is hard work making others dreams come true, it is even harder making their worst nightmares a reality."

Farseer Roslarb: "Since Tribulation's revolution the fort has become a militarized cult of personality, modeled upon the Storm Legion. Who this nightmare owes its ultimate allegiance to has yet to be determined."

Farseer Favnir: "Gemini Bluffs presents itself as a sleepy town that is fiercely normal and unexciting. Scratch the surface and you will not like what you find."

Farseer Galzra: "Many who live in civilized cultures forget how visceral and unappetizing the production of food can be. Here at Headfell Farms it is much grosser than anything you eat at home."

Farseer Cuphes: "I have seen things here I cannot unsee."

Farseer Ith: "The seat of power of the Dreaming Seas is mighty edifice that looms large over the city. Though the tentacle of power do no reach from from this political shell."

Farseer Gretiem: "What enemy lurks out in the wilderness of the dreaming minds that caused the onir to build such mighty walls?"

Farseer Zyvera: "Where once the dreams celebrated the uniqueness of every mortal, now the nightmares shun any that do not conform. It has suddenly become fashionable to be fashionable."


Farseer Dathan: "Pivotal moments in history resonate long after the events have concluded. Few Ascended were present at the fall of Port Scion, yet the event looms as large as its cursed walls."

Farseer Tulvir: "This was where the nightmare started. This is where the city started its decline. What dreams have mortals irretrievably lost in this turmoil?"

Farseer Saphira: "Art is a weapon. Lord Arak gathered his army of nightmares by playing upon their fears, desires and shameful longings. This is the terrible power of art, the dread magic of storytelling."


Farseer Syrilth: "Mortals have each been blessed with a spark of the divine, this is the power that the akvan covet, this gift is why they are murdered by the Sharax."

Farseer Yefefiah: "The mortals of Station Tau have learned much from their investigations of the Akvan. This knowledge will not better their lives."

Farseer Ohm: "The skelf god of battle was the one god that Queen Dronoea did not built a cathedral to honor. His church is the battlefield, his sacred rite is the Red Frenzy."

Farseer Solana: "Izbithu was the mate of Martrodraum, the mother of ancient horrors. In the dark times she birthed countless akvan that now share her icy grave."

Farseer Rothilion: "The giants were formed from the mountain itself, they are one and the same. Their hatred lives within the cosmic mountain, and announces itself to the multiverse."

Farseer Geila: "A refuge for the most vile and villainous who have ever sailed the Dreaming Seas, remade into the seat for the Rhen's power."

Farseer Fianul: "The skelf return to the remains of their ocean, and create something wonderful. Tarken has long been a place of preserved history, now it is the birthplace of something new."

Farseer Duzrug: "Ogg conquered Tarken and built his fortress out of the anicent ice of the glacier. From here the Sharax would invade the seas, spreading their misery."

Farseer Vuzashi: "The skelf come for battle, the Ghar fail to escape knowledge. In the end Tarken will be an icy grave to both peoples."

Farseer Almedha: "The Ascended come, and they bring death and destruction. Even you cannot prevent that."

Farseer Vezius: "Life has spread to the entirety of the cosmos, even a place as inhospitable as this glacier."

Farseer Farrell: "In this secluded location, Mann conducted his experiments in secret. Of all the breakthroughs to come from station Tau, this one will haunt the cosmos."

Farseer Ninarth: "This trench leads to the end of the cosmos. All that lies beyond is freed from the rule of gods and science."

Farseer Gilta: "Of all the scientific stations that the Ghar have sent out, Tau has come closest to achieving true understanding of this plane of existence."

Farseer Menotius: "There are rivers within the ice, they move across Tarken at a rate only an immortal can perceive. You will soon learn to see them."

Farseer Baribal: "It was the Pelagic Orders use of the Words of Power that set the first Akvan free. Even good intentions can lead to catastrophe."

Farseer Sarhingar: "The Akvan found their imprisonment intolerable, and paid the ultimate price rather than suffer another epoch entombed within. You now face the patient and prudent horrors."

Farseer Arzlag: "The first victims of the Sharax were the Shaghi. In an attempt to give their slaves strength, the giants have shared the sin of their origin."

Farseer Ralnor: "The glacier pushes beyond the edge of reality. When it calves, the bergs float off into the infinite."

Farseer Eevina: "Even the gods can be forgotten. Beware remembrance."

Farseer Phoippe: "In ages long past, beings of unimaginable horror were condemned into the ice. Rather then let them lie forgotten, mortals are determined to have one last look."

Farseer Sollix: "Here at the edge of Tarken I watch the weight of time create this glacier. Then note the start of an age of crisis when an ancient horror is calved off."

Archimage & pyromancienne

« Pour le lâche, le feu est un danger. Pour l'imbécile, le feu est un outil. Pour moi, le feu est une arme, un ami, un état d'esprit, et les courageux brûlent aussi vite que les lâches. »

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